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When a significant event takes place in the lifecycle of a piece of artwork or collectible - a sale or valuation, for instance - an issuing party, such as an auction house or gallery, creates a permanent record within the Codex Registry containing verified information.

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Search for an asset by title, creator name, or Codex Record number - then review detailed provenance including photos and documentation.

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Record important asset information with ease and sell your cherished collectibles faster, for a fairer price.

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Provide Codex Records with every asset and give your clients full confidence in their collectibles.

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Auction Houses

Offer digital provenance records for items you sell. Build visibility and SEO through valuable backlinks.


Protect your artistic legacy with a digital catalogue raisonnée secured on the blockchain.

Dealers & Collectors

Document your whole collection and easily share information about items for sales, insurance, lending and more.


Create an additional revenue stream by creating blockchain records for your client’s items.


Build buyer confidence by offering provenance information secured on the blockchain.